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The Celina Ministerial Association is Delighted To Sponsor the 4th Annual Community Servants Day Meet at 7:30 AM at Celina First Church of God Celebration Dinner 6:00 PM at St. John Lutheran Church September 29th Registration Forms are due Wednesday, August 15th. For More Information Please Contact us at: The Celina Ministerial Association 567-890-3767 To be held September 22nd

Walk the Talk – 2011


4th Annual

Community Servant’s Day

Sponsored by……..

The Celina Ministerial Association

Donations needed this year for “Walk-the-Talk”

You, your organization, business, agency, or church can make this year’s “Walk-the- Talk”

an important success.

Your generous contribution will guarantee that most of the 50 resident projects will be completed in one day; September, Saturday 22nd .

Tough Economic Time

The needs are great in our community due to high unemployment, and the rising prices of everyday staples. Discretionary income has dwindled to unprecedented lows creating countless individual hardships. Many of our neighbors just need a helping hand due to age or disability.

Hundreds Will Serve; Will You?

This year hundreds of caring residents will participate in “Walk-the-Talk” servants day. All will lock arms to serve their fellow residents that need help. Many needed repairs, constructions, and clean-ups will be performed; there is a service for everyone. Skilled and unskilled will volunteer; they will ban together and become friends for one important reason… to help someone and improve their community. You too can be a part of this important day.

Why Should I Help Financially?

Many of this year’s projects are expensive requiring expensive materials and supplies. Wheelchair ramps, roof replacement, broken porches, leaky plumbing, worn out windows and doors, exterior painting, and property clean-up are a few of this year’s projects that require your financial help.

Your Help Is needed Now!

Your financial and servant help is greatly appreciated. You and your organization can make a difference if you decide to act now by contributing finances, resources, and time. Thank you in advance for “Walk-the-Talk” with us.

Donations and gifts should be mailed or delivered to Serving Friends and Families Ministries; 1978 Havemann Rd. #105; Celina, OH 45822. Call us at 419-586-3767.