Furniture Ministry

Furniture team, which handles pick up and drop off of furniture and appliances.

The heart of our ministry is sharing of strangers’ clean but used beds and furniture for those who could use the extra comforts of life. Sharing the gospel will always be the most valuable asset one can have. Two or more staff members assess needs we can meet, and donors, with hearts of gold, continue to contribute to meet these needs. Jesus said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Here, we set out to go the extra miles to welcome newcomers or the local residents on the move. Donors with hearts of gold will always find it better to give than to receive.

Speaking of moves, for a flat fee per load, our team of two or three will share in the cumbersome necessity of life.

The fulfillment team.

Box Truck With Servants

Our new box truck!! A benefactor donated this to us.

Box Truck